11 Questions for Agile Interviews

How do you know you're adding value to the teams and the organization?

11 Questions for Agile Interviews

Interviewing for a position can be hard. A little empathy goes a long way. The process is hard for those needing to find talent, and it’s hard for the talent who’s willing to put themselves out there. Questions should go both ways. Preparing for those questions can help everyone identify if the opportunity and candidate are a good match.

I was recently reading a conversation on Slack where one of the contributors had compiled a great list of questions he’d experienced in his recent interview process.

  1. When and how do you give feedback?
  2. How do you support the team in resolving team internal conflicts?
  3. Tell me about a workshop you conducted, what was the topic, how did you prepare it, what was challenging, what was their feedback
  4. What do you do to get started with new teams?
  5. How do you know that you are adding value to the teams and the organization?
  6. Which metrics will you be looking at to understand if the teams or organization is making progress?
  7. How do you engage with middle and top managers to drive organization-wide change
  8. What motivates you most about your work as an Agile Coach?
  9. What would need to happen to make you really really frustrated?
  10. What will you be doing during your first three months?
  11. How will you decide when it is better to teach, mentor, coach, support or advice?

The list isn’t intended to be exhaustive but it can be insightful. I’ve mentioned before on this blog how a single question can generate a wealth of insight for individuals and groups. I’m a fan of good questions.

Which one of these resonated with you the most? Which one did you find the most challenging?