Title Explanation

The blog’s title is semi-ironic, obscure, and designed to be interesting the first time it’s read. After that it looses its savor and becomes stale quickly.

Well there’s a lot of information about the family on Chrissy’s blog about the kids… but it’s my responsibility to write something of myself for others. So I’m going to start this blog, it will probably be the most unpopular blog on blogspot. It will probably not be updated, and die.

Unless I find a way to have adventures, write about them and have a reason to share them with others. So I had an adventure. On Thursday morning I packed up the Ford Focus full of clothes, gadgets, and gear and headed off to Lawton Oklahoma. It was a bit of a fun adventure. There was no one to laugh as I sung to chessie girly songs on the drive. Right around Kansas the roads got real nice and reminded me of the German autobahn.

Yeah, you know those nice roadways in Europe with no speed limit. Well, the ones in Kansas may look similar, but there was a speed limit and someone decided to remind me of it. It was a bit of a hefty fine, but there’s consequences to our actions and I got some consequences.


Friday I arrived at our new house and met the builder. He’s a nice man that is building all of the homes in the development, ours is about number 8 or 10. There’s quite a few more to go and so he’ll be in the area as things need to get touched up on the house. There’s still a few more items left on the list of things to do before closing, and we’ve already started the running list for after closing.

Our storm cellar is in, right where it should be and there’s a nice afternoon breeze that caresses the shady front porch. I got to sit there for a long while watching the view of rolling farmland and waving trees. I really hope to move in there soon.

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