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A while back I got to noticing that I was lazy when it came to reading my scriptures. I took a look at what I was doing with my time and noticed that I spent quite a bit of time enjoying being entertained. Since part of that entertainment was with my MP3 player I decided that I could listen to the scriptures online. When I did a search in iTunes for “The Book of Mormon” I was amazed that I couldn’t find a podcast that would allow me to easily download chapters in the book for listening.

I decided to do something about it. So I created a podcast for the book of Mormon. Now it’s time to let people know it’s out there.

The URL for the Book of Mormon feed is:

I would like to encourage anyone who reads this and blogs, or creates anything online to create a link to this blog entry or to the Book of Mormon podcast feed listed above. By doing this the internet’s search engines will start listing the podcast as a viable source for downloading this unique book of scripture. Please take the time to blurb about it on your blog.

I’ve also noticed that there’s a great podcast for the Ensign that’s put together by the church. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The Ensign:

I’ve got a 15 minute drive to work back and forth. This is a great way to pass the time and I’d welcome anyone who’d like to join me.

Do you listen to the scriptures in the car? Know of a good uplifting feed? Add it to the comments of this entry.

Subscribing to the podcast:
Automatic: Click on the cool image to the right
Select”Advanced” “Subscribe to Podcast” and then enter

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