Good Friends

One of the neatest things about living in Logan Utah was that we had a great set of friends. Thanks to the internet we still keep in touch with a lot of them. It was fun to participate in their lives, and watch the kids take off their training wheels. Sunday dinner rarely occurred without sharing the food with someone else.

It’s definately fun to participate in the significant events in their lives. When Nick and Lisa had their baby blessing they took extra care to invite us among their relatives. When Leslie Haddock became Leslie Johnson she took extra time to ensure the Eliza was able to help in the ceremony. Now that we’ve left we watching ultrasound pictures for a welcome addition to the Snow family. We’re also watching an interesting relationship unfold between Mike and McKell. The last week I was there we set them up on a date. Both of them separately put on their best selves and they’ve been maintaining that ever since. We’ll have to see what happens to those two in the future. In the meantime the waterskiing/kissing photo will probably remain with all of us.

One of the typical concerns of a six year old during a move is finding new friends. Before leaving Eliza was very concerned with leaving behind her school and her friends in the neighborhood. There were a lot of conversations revolving around the sentiment that “it’ll be ok.” When in reality we didn’t know if she’d find anyone close by that would be her friend.

Well, two doors down from us there’s a single mom with four kids. The kids range from 15 to 7–not much of a spread–but quite a headache. One of them is named Kelsea. She’s the youngest of the four and likes to belive she’s a princess. Eliza and Kelsea turned into friends as soon as they met. Now their imaginations have taken over their play time. This past week I’ve been on leave and have rarely seen my daughter. They play together for 8-11 hours at a time only stopping for food.

Yesterday they held a pretend funeral and were reading eulogies out of a ‘journal.’ Other times they’re playing princesses and ballerinas, watching girly kid shows, and playing dress-up. As a dad I’m a little concerned. I’m wondering if I’m ever going to take my daughter hiking again.

Daniel and Rainey are still somewhat oblivious to the ‘friend’ concept. As long as someone is playing with them they’re fine and Kelsey’s older siblings love how cute they are. They’ve managed to get plenty of attention. Chrissy and I have met the local mormons in the area and have figured that there’s some good friendships to be had. Time will tell. We’ve already had the Millers over for dinner and now we’re being asked to join them this Sunday.

I still can’t get over the kissing/waterskiing picture. That relationship has to go somewhere. Looks like everyone needs to keep updating their blogs and we’ll see where life ends up.