Ask and Ye Shall Receive

It’s official. I called branch yesterday to ask which brigade on Fort Sill I would be going to. They in turn told me that I would be working on the TRADOC (Training and Doctrine) side of the base. This means that I will be assigned to either an AIT unit or a basic training unit. In either case I should be looking at no deployments for a year. Chrissy and I had been concerned about having time to establish the family and develop a support system in the area. Now it looks like we’ll have the time to get settled together. It seems like praying actually does pay off once again. GO figure 🙂

There’s a still a bit of confusion about which patch I will be wearing.

If I end up at an AIT unit I’ll be wearing this thing.

If I end up at a Basic Training unit this is what I’ll have on my shoulder.

Now it’s just a matter of time be for we know for sure–hopefully I know before I have to wear my class A’s.