Who's Reading This Thing Anyway?

Have you ever wondered who’s reading your blog? You might be suprised at how many people you didn’t know who visit and read what you’re saying. Google bought blogger.com and blogspot.com back in 2003 as a means to increase their advertising revenue[1]. Their idea was to increase the space for their ads online. Google, being Google, they didn’t make it mandatory to have ads on everyone’s blog. Some do, and some don’t.

If you want to track who’s coming to your site you’ll need to follow a simple three step process.

  1. Sign up for a google account
  2. Sign up for adsense
  3. Sign up for analytics

The whole process takes about 15 minutes of your time–depending on how good you are with online forms. If you already use blogspot, blogger, writely, or gmail then you’ve already got a Google account. If you don’t already have one you can create one following the steps below.

Visit http://adsense.google.com There you’ll want to sign up for an adsense account. The form may be a bit longer than what you’re used to. Google wants to know everything it needs to right off the bat so it can send you a check at some point in the future.

Once your adsense account is created you’re eligible for an analytics account. Visit http://analytics.google.com and sign up for an analytics account. Analytics will guide you through a few steps to get your blog reporting stats to the software. Copy the code it gives as an “HTML gadget” to some part of your blog layout.

It takes about 24-48 hours to track your site and have it start reporting stats. If the whole process took you 15 minutes to do, plan on spending more than that playing around with the maps, charts, and graphs that are automatically created for you.