Deans and Bryson--Mountain Move

I’ve had a CD now for 10 years. It’s got the song Chrissy and I danced to at our wedding reception. It was the first LDS Artist CD I ever purchased. During the past 10 years the album has gone further and further into obscurity to the point now where it’s fairly impossible to find out who the authors are. All of the search engines yield no luck. This post will probably end up as the #1 result for “Deans and Bryson Mountain Move” as soon as I hit [publish].

So this blog post is dedicated to finding them. Here’s what I know:

  • Lisa Deans and her missionary companion (maybe) wrote an album.
  • One of them (or both) played the guitar.
  • The CD used to be for sale at an LDS bookstore in Chico California.
  • I like the music

I’ve intentionally posted all of the music from the album here in this handy MP3 player. I did that hoping that someone out there somewhere will know who these folks are and let me say “hi” and “thanks for 10 years of tuneage.” Track 7 “This I Know” is the song that was played at our reception. The last song “The Olive Tree” is a great song to add to any Sunday music playlist.

Enjoy the music. Pass it around among friends and let’s see if we can’t manage to send the folks that made it a kindly, “Thank you!”