A Photo Date

If you were here right now you’d see Chrissy and I each typing away at our computers. Each of us composing our own blog entries. Outside there are stars shining and in the not too far night time are a bunch of coyotes calling to each other in their semi-melodic method. In Connecticut we lived on “Old Meadow Plain Road” and there wasn’t any meadows, and the road wasn’t particularly plain. In California we lived on “College Ave,” although there wasn’t a college on the street. I’ve seen Birch streets without Birch Trees and Pine streets without pines. It’s seems I’m finally living in a good old honest town.

  • I live on 165 NE Coyote Drive and there are coyotes outside
  • You pump your gas BEFORE you pay.
  • The gas station opens up before the sign says it’s supposed to ’cause they know you might need it heading into work
  • When you need change to pay a babysitter the folks at the pizza place will search through the register, the money bag, and their own pockets to help–without even expecting a purchase.
  • At “Mr Goodcents Subs and Pasta” there’s only one employee needed on a Saturday night and no one’s worried about her being alone.
  • When you run into a police officer and ask if he’ll say ‘hi’ to your three year old he’ll stop and shake his hand. To my surprise, the officer asked Daniel if he’d like to see the lights–normally it would be the other way around.
  • Everyone’s your neighbor even if they live a few miles down the road. You’re expected to wave.
  • They’ll drive as fast as they want until they see your kids or your dog–then they’ll slow down to a crawl, wave, and smile as they pass by.

Saturday nights are date nights for Chrissy and I. Tonight was between paydays and so we needed something fun and inexpensive. We decided to out and take some photos of the other novelties that surround us. Up the road a ways in the town of Fletcher we found an old welding shop with tractors and other equipment lying around. It made for great photos. Towards the end of the shoot a truck pulled up and the man inside looked like he was capable and willing to lay a few blows on us for taking photos. Luckily we were double dating with a couple who’s expecting–and looks it. A few soft spoken words and we left rather shocked at the possibilities we avoided.

Fletcher manages to have kept a building that used to sell Ice and Ice Lockers. It helped inspire the date, and the photo appears in the evening’s shoots. Fletcher’s not that large of a town. There’s often 10 minutes between cars driving down their main street. On that main street you can only expect to stop once at a blinking red light. You’ll see two funeral homes, one gravestone maker, and two churches. It’s nice to know there are still places in America that look like this.

Of course it’s a little shocking to find out that the Elgin Public Library is co-located with the town hall and that the library is only open for six hours the entire week. Folks thought that Stephanie was crazy when she named her boy Ambrose. Well, she’s right–his name is Ambrose–and he’s not alone. Someone in Oklahoma has the same name, and runs a “style shop”.

We finished off the date at Trivets, a local eatery that’s uber popular at lunch time. The dinner/desert crowd isn’t as thick and we nearly had the place to ourselves. They’re known for being a good local eatery–especially when it comes to pies. They’re home made–and generally delicious. At the end of Saturday night Monday starts looming in the distance and the weekend’s accomplishments seem too little. A good date is an accomplishment and the photos look great in sepia. I’m not sure if I’ll love it here forever–but I have plenty of reasons to love it here for now.