GOFilms is at it again

I remember going to see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when it came out. It was a fun evening out as a family. At the beginning of that movie River Phoenix played a younger version of Indiana Jones showing how as a youth the character was stricken with adventures. I remember watching that scene play out and thinking to myself that it would be cool to watch more young adventures of Indiana Jones.

Then of course someone actually made a TV series about a younger Indiana Jones and his adventures. I’m not sure why I didn’t watch it much, but there was still something phenomenally cool about a teenager going off in search of adventure.

I must not have been the only one interested because a while back I found the film “Outlaw Trail.” In it a young man dressed in a period boy scout uniform follows the trail of Butch Cassidy having a series of adventures along the way. For a lower budget production, the film turned out quite well. I don’t regret the time I spent watching it, or the money I spent buying it. I doubt though, that Mr. Spielberg considers Ryan Little a threat to his work. It’s respectable enough that the giant would consider him a colleague. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=%20height=344%20width=425]

Along that same note Ryan Little’s company “GOFilms” is off doing other productions as well. One of my favorite movies they’ve produced is “Saints and Soldiers.” I managed to acquire a bootleg copy of this while on my last deployment. It was very poetic watching my grandfather’s generation at war while participating in my generation’s conflict. It’s a must see, poetic, and tasteful. It inspires a certain reverence to the diversity of experiences played out during the massive conflicts of WWII. Surprisingly enough Saints and Soldiers can be watched on hulu.com. You don’t even have to redbox it to decide if it’s something you’d enjoy.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=%20height=296%20width=512]

26 September 2008