Significant Projects (Post 2)

Back in the day when I first started getting online it was through an internet service called prodigy. Like many good ideas the service is now a defunct part of AT&T. What is still around is the internet. Aren’t we glad? I am.

What has changed since the early 1990’s is how we use and view the internet. For a while there if you wanted to go online you went to and downloaded their software for free. Then the internet looked pretty. Things called webpages had photos on them that you actually waited to see with your dial up modem. Ahhhh…. The good ‘ol days.

Something happened and eventually all the windows users were using ended up with “Internet Explorer.” While Mac users had something called “Safari.” Eventually a fluke occurred. Someone created “Firefox” and then WE had a browser that was customizable our way. Firefox continues to gain a foothold on the market of internet browsers. It’s a neat project. A bunch of geeks building something to take on a giant–David and Goliath style–and they win. Cool eh? I’m waiting for the romanticized Disney version to come out on DVD.

Firefox is definitely better than the standard alternatives, but for a couple of years now I’ve been watching another project emerge and I’m happy to announce it’s up and running!

Flock is here!

Back in the day the internet used to be exclusively for geeks. Then we started posting youtube videos and blogging and sharing our lives. Now it seems that we’re doing a lot more of keeping people connected via the internet then we did before. We myspace and facebook and flikr our lives away online. To accommodate keeping in touch Flock was created to help us manage the social networking sites we visit.

Here’s a look at my browser typing this email. On the left I’ve got my blog list. If someone updates their blog it tells me–I don’t have to click each blog and find out who’s doing what. I make the internet work for me!

Under my bookmarks you’ll see a media bar that I can’t point anywhere. I set it up last night so it showed me all of the new photos from my friends on Facebook.

There’s other gizmos and features build into this application. I would strongly recommended it to anyone. Download flock and try it for a week. Quit your InternetExploring, take two steps left of Firefox, come home from your Safari, and give Flock a try. It’s a project worth paying attention to. Give it a week, but if your using the internet to stay in touch this is the way you want it to look.