Notes From The Underbelly

Let me tell you a story about a TV show that is a must see for any married couple that’s had kids. It’s called “Notes From the Underbelly.” It’s definitely adult enough that you’re not going to watch it with the kids, but it’s not something you’ll feel guilty for watching.

Chrissy and I fell in love with the show by a fluke one night. That season only four episodes were released–we laughed our heads off. The next season we were treated to a writer’s strike and didn’t get to watch any. Now, by some odd coincidence there’s several episodes of this very clever TV show online!


The writing is terrific. It’s about the same quality as another one of my favorite shows: Arrested Development. AD was so complicated and so complex that it got canceled after a few seasons because the show was difficult for audiences to follow with a week between each show. Now that it’s online and on DVD it’s great to watch one episode after another–it’s easy to get hooked. Although Notes From the Underbelly is complex and well developed it’s easy to follow the characters with a bit of a brief bit of background information.

There’s really only six characters to follow: On the right side of the screen you’ve got the two single friends. Each are rather selfish and play out a rather promiscuous single lifestyle. In the middle you have the main couple (couple) who are dealing with the ‘joys’ of pregnancy and child rearing. On the left you’ve got the wife’s best friend and her husband. This photo is old so it shows them as pregnant. In the show they’ve had their kid and are the more established of all the folks in the series.

I can’t tell too much without doing the writers a great injustice. It’s one of those shows where you’re watching it and seeing the characters say things that I know I’ve said to Chrissy when Eliza was born. That’s when I knew it was good! The pace is quick and there’s generally three separate stories going on at one time. There’s also enough packed into the show so that you can watch a few episodes more than once.

You’ll need to watch this online using internet explorer, firefox, or safari with Adobe Flash 8+ installed. Thank you ABC for putting this online!!! One less reason to have a cable bill!