Send me a nickel--(seriously)

So Chrissy managed to calculate out our total indebtedness (minus the house) and we’ve got good reason to be a two income family. It’s not pretty.

Since Chrissy’s working, I decided it was time to try something to help increase the amount of money I bring into the home. The problem I have is time–I don’t have any. Since I’ll be paying off the debt for some time to come, I’ve decided that long term solutions are a good idea.

I’m encouraging everyone who reads this to donate a nickel. Send it to your friends and ask them to donate a nickel.

The internet’s been a great way to answer questions. Now it’s time to answer one more. “Can you pay off $50,000 in debt a with nickels?” If the idea sounds crazy that’s fine. If it was crazy enough to get you to smile, why not send me a nickel?

Feeling really generous? Visit the craigslist posting. I’ve got my entire debt (minus the house) up for sale. No takers yet–I’ll let you know.