I’ve got a playlist that shuffles through a lot of my favorite songs. Most of them are about 10 years old–if not more. It seems I’m still musically stuck in high school. One of the songs that comes on is Marc Cohn’s Walking in Memphis.

Chrissy, being a military spouse has stayed home a lot while I’ve had to go away for one reason or another. This summer it was her turn. Chrissy finally took a girls trip. Destination: Nashville.

While there she toured a lot of the sites that are mentioned in the song. She had a blast. She got to see the Gibson guitar factory and Graceland among other sites. I wasn’t there. Tom and I survived taking care of the kids, and had a blast. Every once in a while Chrissy will hear a part of the song that stands out to her. Something she didn’t hear before. She’ll turn to me and start, “Remember when we were…”

It usually takes her a few sentences before she realizes that I wasn’t there. I wasn’t invited. I wasn’t allowed.

Quite frankly, I’m flattered. It seems my wife has a wonderful psychological condition: She associates her good memories with ME. Whether I was there or not. I’m not sure when it this phenomenon became a permanent member of our our marriage, but in any case it’s a part of who she is.

Odd thing is, come to think about it, I do the exact same thing. Does anyone else magically associate their good memories to their spouses? Or is this just something for me and Chrissy?.