I'd prefer theocracy

Around here we’ve been getting our news from the internet. It’s been a bit of a transition from the TV. Sure when I eat breakfast at the dinning facility I generally watch a bit of the news. With the politics alive and active I’m finding the news very entertaining these days.

This leads me to the topic of discussion for this blog. I will now delve its readers into the taboo subject at family reunions and discuss POLITICS as I see them.

One of my favorite things about politics is how they completely ignore contexts. One thing the press likes to do is take unflattering photos and make them the primary ones used during a piece. It doesn’t matter what the news source is, if the editors think that their audience wont like what he’s saying they use an unflattering photo.

Getting a good photo is hard. I’ve been trying to take pictures of Chrissy for a while now. She’s looking great! (always has). Even though our camera doesn’t have any shutter lag something will happen when I try to click the button and instead of ending up with a photo that captures how awesome she is I get something that’s blurry, and usually cuts off a part of her head or something. It’s one thing when I do that at home. It’s another thing when a professional photographer does it and gets paid for it.

Now this has made politics something worth looking at. I love the self described moose hunting hockey mom. Gov. Palin’s got spunk. She’s one of those rare individuals who does a good job hiding having bad days. My favorite thing so far is that she’s been using her “mom” look with the press. Take a look at this section of the interview between her and Charles Gibson. (Watch Here).

Remember growing up when you did something knowingly bad and mom had to pull you aside and talk with you? You remember that look right before she took a wooden spoon to your butt? You remember that look when you were a teenager doing something totally wrong? It’s the I love you and I hate to do this, but I’m-a-mom-and-it’s-my-job-to-set-you-straight-look. She pulls that look on Charles Gibson when pressed about earmarks in the state of Alaska.

I’d also like to publicly express that I’m more likely to consider her a worthy candidate because her family seems to have real problems. Her oldest daughter being pregnant is a reality of today’s society. It’s got to have been something very difficult for them to deal with as a family. Life will be even more difficult when the baby comes. Could you imagine being pregnant at 17 and the person you want to go through for baby advice (mom) being busy with her political office? Women are the original multi-taskers in society. I don’t doubt that their family can do it, but what a load it is! They are a modern American family.

Politics are for me entertaining. I’ve realized that no one running can do so without being hungry for power. Sure we hear talk about the candidates championing some righteous cause on both sides of the aisle. I disagree with public health care–but that doesn’t make the idea any less important. In order to be in an office you have to want the power of the office. It doesn’t come to you–despite what the Disneyish movies say–you have to desperately go out and seek it.

Sometimes I think our best choice for candidate isn’t someone with the greatest campaigning skills, because campaigning takes so much energy, effort, and time the best person might be the one who can shift gears the quickest. I need someone to stop campaigning while they’re president and get some work done. Our election process doesn’t fit the responsibilities of the office. It’s like being interviewed for a job that has nothing to do with what you’re going to be doing. All senators involved, while on the trail, can’t effectively do their jobs. What good are they to their state? If we prepped high school students for the SATs this way no one would pass.

I’d prefer theocracy. Let’s think about it. You know who’s going to be in charge. Moses did a great job with some rather stubborn people. It’s also going to be the government during the millennium. So I don’t mind getting ready for it now.

Let’s think about this. Each year our politics get more and more vicious, and more of it is presented as “normal.” I think they get worse. The mudslinging goes both ways, shows up earlier, and is more vile then it ever has been. Where’s it going? When will it end? Whatever it evolves to over the next few years it will be something that our society considers ‘business as normal.’ Across the world all of the political processes (even dictatorship) that appear ‘business as normal.’ will need to get wiped away. That process will not be a pleasant one. It’s described in the book of revelation as the greatest calamities our world societies will face. At the end of it, the Savior comes and issues in the millennium. If you noticed how Hurricane Gustav nearly changed the republican national convention–imagine stuff like that to the point where no one even considers having a political party.

Well, that’s my opinion and it’s worth what it is. Who am I voting for? I don’t know yet. I don’t make that decisions until right before the election. Chrissy isn’t a citizen and so the blood of patriots that has given me the right to vote rests on my shoulders. My vote represents my family. I have to make sure that I do right by them. That’s why when it’s my turn to vote I’ll lay out a sigh, because I’ prefer theocracy.