Most folks who know me know me as a computer guy. I like the title, but will be quick to add that I’m only good at what I know. I do happen to know enough to be able to read some technical stuff and understand what to do next.

Chrissy’s new computer is remarkably fast at everything it does. It’s amazing. The kids computer and mine were horrifically slow. So I did something drastic. I said goodbye to Bill Gates. Now I’m running Linux. It’s free, so I’m not breaking any laws. The version I’m running is called Ubuntu. The title is loosely based on the Zulu word for “humanity.”

It takes a lot of effort to get the details worked out so it runs the way I want to. Out of the box though it’s great. If I were a basic user it would be as simple as clicking the install button. Since I’m not it takes a bit more effort. My greatest word for describing things so far is “Splashy.” It looks clean and has sped up my machine by more than 10 times what it used to be under Vista.

If you’ve got an old computer and want to get it running faster, back up your files, ditch windows (or mac os) and throw some linux on there. The Ubuntu CD (that you download) let’s you test the OS running on a cd-rom before you install it.

Hope this helps you folks who are frustrated with them old computers.