Long Distance is a Myth

There’s more that happens in a week than can be summed up during the week. Each weekend there’s a few minutes spent reflecting upon what has gone on before. This Saturday is no different. Chrissy’s at work. The kids are procrastinating going to bed–and I’m letting them get away with it (for a few minutes).

Rainey’s had an interesting day. He seems to be bumping into everything, falling down from everything, and generally just being uncoordinated. This has happened with the previous kids when their sick with a cold (stuffy nose/ears) or their going through a growth spurt. Chrissy and I have both had a bit of a cold and so we’ll see how much of this is related to health and how much is related growing up.

Grandma Hill went in for surgery this week. We were told from the doctors that things were going well. We were also told that when she’s coming out of the anesthesia she’s rather funny to listen to. That’s the only word we’ve gotten so far. It gives us hope that all the prayers said are being answered. The kids have a real sweep spirit when you ask them to pray for “GG Hill.”

Well, our various projects seem to be providing us some hope for the future as well. Our “Bug Board” is getting a lot of attention. It’s mounted above the piano in the living room (my mother would not approve in her house). Chrissy’s helped to contribute several of the creatures. I’ve been impressed at how much she participates. This story should help illustrate:

Earlier in the week we found two really cool looking bugs. Chrissy donated a cotton ball soaked in her facial cleaner. We didn’t have any other strong smelling stuff to kill it with. After a while it did the job and we had two good specimens to add. It’s one thing when you get someone’s reluctant help. It’s another when you get their creative energy flowing to help.

Creative juices started flowing earlier this week when I noticed a pile of scrap wood being created from the four houses going up in the neighborhood. Those framers are good about using the wood, but what they don’t use helps me in my projects. So what sort of project did I create this time?

Well, let’s start off with a review: First we got used to making things by creating a bird feeder. Although no birds have been sighted using it the project went off without any injuries and is safely mounted to the house.

The next project was and still is a big hit. It’s a see-saw that accommodates different size folks. Last week Matt Hargrave helped me adjust it for Daniel and Rainey sized people. The see-saw looked too cool for him to leave alone. So we put it on the adult setting and he and I had a go at it.

I’m not the only one who’s been feeling a bit creative this week. Chrissy has finished the quilt she was working on, and managed to make quite a few barrettes as well. She’s been really quite busy getting all of this done, fighting off a cold, not sleeping well at night, and raising three children. Not to mention she’s been working.

While she’s been working on these projects I’ve been trying to be supportive. So I “hired” a couple of models to show off her barrettes. The models are actually a neighborhood teenager and her friend. I think they manage to do a good job showing off Chrissy’s work. The girl on the left is Kyla, and her friend is Megan. Both of them have great smiles (makes it a lot easier). They’re a delightful bunch to have around. Wouldn’t you buy some barrettes if you saw these faces online?

When they were through taking photos, and telling me which ones I had to delete. The walked out the front door. To my surprise they had taken the liberty of adjusting the see-saw to “adult size” and were having a go at it. I’m used to my projects failing and I can’t tell you how much I love seeing other people just randomly use them. So I had to take a photo.

I guess we’re a family that does projects. We’ve already started teaching the next generation. Tonight Eliza made a ‘wood floor’ for her playscape. I didn’t take photos, and it’s going to kill the grass. But she thought it through and did a good job. This week her father (me!) has also taught her to use the internet. Our 6 year old sent her first email!!! I was listening to her read with Chrissy and realized that she’s got enough reading words to carry on a basic conversation over email.

She’s been emailing my mom (with a bit of help) and really doing well with learning the words she wants to say. She’s also using a linux computer running Ubuntu. Her email program is Thunderbird.

Well, now that I’ve written on just about every project that we’ve done this week it’s time to share today’s project with you all. Using only scrap lumber from down the street I created a table for our back porch.

In Germany we used to eat outside nearly every day (when the weather was good). It’s one of those times in our family’s life that we look back on with romantic memories. I’m trying to get some of those memories to come back. We’ll see how breakfast goes tomorrow. I’ve got good memories from putting it together.

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