Bottled Sham

So I posted about RSS readers and as it tuns out Logan learned something from the post. So I’ve got another insight I’d figured is worth sharing. Today’s topic: Water. More specifically bottled water–or as I like to call it–bottled sham.

I recently watched a news article about a company that was putting NYC tap water in bottles. It’s a clever idea. Almost as clever as the idea of paying off our debt a nickel at a time. Hopefully the tap water is up higher than the debt begging program I started. I’m still at $.00.

Well, as crazy as it sounds if you’ve drunk a bottle of water you’ve probably been drinking tap water already. Most water on the market comes from Reverse Osmosis Water Purification (ROWPU). The military uses this process to take water from the lakes at Saddam’s palaces in Baghdad and turn it into bottled water (see photo–not me fishing).

I’d just figured I’d let you know that the stuff you paid good money for may have been sewage the day before. After all, the process removes nearly every natural pollutant to give you something wet and safe to drink.

There’s no question that it’s clean and safe and tastes good–they add just the right minerals for taste–the real question is–was it worth your money? After all you can buy a small ROWPU unit for under $300.