Folk Music

I’m going through a spell right now where I’m listening to a lot of folk music. The genre is still full of people that are creative because they want to be–not because there’s money in the industry. I think it brings out some of the most clever ideas.

This happens to me every couple of years–I decide that every song on my playlists are overplayed–ditch them and start afresh with a new genre. Today I heard a song that is so wonderfully slightly irreverent and clever it’s worth sharing on a blogpost.

I’d recommend anyone else willing to try out the genre for free take a detour from this blog to It’s worth the trip . For those of you who are exceptionally lazy just subscribe to their podcast here:

Remember Podcasts are FREE, don’t require an iPod, and if you don’t like it delete it. But when you’re making that commute to work they’re great companions to have around.