What Would You Rather Buy?

So this post is a sort of informal poll, and I’m hoping to get some comments. We’re trying to get http://clips.roeckerfam.com up and running. So far we’ve had a couple of sales after much effort. It’s time to start getting the site tweaked for search engines. With our limited description on most pages, it’s going to be difficult to increase traffic.

Today I had an idea that was a part of a solution. I made up a story about one particular pair of barrettes. So I’d like to know if the story helps to increase the saleability of the item.

Here’s the ‘standard’ description:

Product Description

These stylish accessories are made with 1, 3/4″alligator clips. The clips have been lined with durable grosgrain ribbon. All ends have been heat treated to prevent fraying. All clips are sold in pairs unless otherwise listed.

This is the story I came up with for the “Dororthy” barrettes:

These barrettes make an excellent accessory. More fantastic however is the tale of how they were created. The story goes that during the filming of the movie about the magical land called “Oz” a visitor was sent from the Wizard himself. Hogwash you say! There is no such thing! Well, for every fairy tale there is an element of reality behind the story. Behind the fable of Oz is an actual Oz, and the wizard is certainly a Wizard indeed. Well, this Wizard heard about the movie and was so flattered that humans would take the time to honor his country so, that he decided to present Judy Garland with a gift. He sent one of the munchkins who blended in perfectly on the set, to deliver a box. Inside the box for the young actress were chocolates, various exotic fruits from Oz, and two red-ribbon barrettes. Judy was thrilled, and she had initially planned to wear them during the movie’s signature song: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Everyone approved, until the film was announced to be released in color. The costume department and director insisted that Judy’s dress be blue for the film. The barrettes would clash, and were left in the dressing room. The Wizard was offended at the release of the film. Not only did it assume him to be a bumbling charlatan, but Judy Garland wasn’t wearing the barrettes she had been given. So if you wonder why no one has heard from the land of Oz to this day, Wizards tend to live a long time, and are much better at holding grudges than people. By coincidence the original design for the barrettes has reappeared after all these years. Now available in pairs for only $5 you two can own this piece of Hollywood fabledom.

I think stories can help make the website more fun, increase traffic, and pass along a few more smiles. If you’ve got an idea for a story (like the lady-bugs) let me know and we might make it official. If you’re thinking this is generally a bad idea, let me know too.

Thanks to Jenny for the logo! It’s awesome! We use it on the stationary here in town.