I "dislike" myspace

So for the most part I hate myspace. Sure I’m thrilled that social networking is now the primary use for the internet. Especially since the previous king was pornography websites. It’s certainly an improvement–but not much.Myspace is great for hunting independent artists. Every few weeks I look up a couple of more for my collections. This week I ran into three bands. “The Corrections” wrote me back and sent me a song of theirs.So I’m thinking cool, free music. They’re a nice band. Wanna hear? Check out their myspace page here.When you get there I’ve got to say I’m sorry for having to send you to their site. You see myspace has consistently been finding ways to take “yourspace” and make it “yourspace with our ads.” It’s no wonder more people are flocking to facebook.The screenshots are from the final communication I had with “The Corrections.” Based upon my limited profile, myspace decided to show me ads asking me to question my choice of auto insurance, calculate when I’m going to die, and encourage me to cheat on my wife. Everything in red circles is an add. The green arrow is the only bit of information relevant to what I was doing.Yeah, I’m offended. This is absolutely disgusting.So I think I’ll get a plugin for my browser that blocks every ad across the internet everywhere. It takes the offensive page that you saw earlier and turns it into this nice, simple, page with a blue header on the left.Facebook has less ads, less offensive ads, more features, and keeps us in touch with our friends better. Wanna talk about music? I found Cherie Call on facebook and she added me as her ‘friend.’ That’s pretty cool eh?