So this blog has been somewhat silent of late. That’s totally my fault. After all, I’ve accepted no one else to help me author it.

Wanna know what I’ve been up to? Let me introduce you to the latest project. It’s called “Reprise” as in the repetition of a music piece. The idea is a simple one.

I noticed there was a need for kids in the area to grow up with computers, but there’s quite a few families that can’t afford them. Then I discovered something. Remember how I told you I started messing with Ubuntu [here & here]? Well, I’ve done so because the operating system runs clean, and doesn’t need a fancy computer or a whole lot of space.

Then I discovered something. It’s called Edubuntu. The idea is to develop the already good operating system for schools. It works! It works well.

So now I can give away computers with an operating system designed for students, and I don’t need powerful machines.

I noticed though, that I didn’t have a budget to buy them all computers. So next week the principle of Eliza’s school and I will be launching a campaign in town to get old computers donated from families and businesses in the area. I’ll pick them up, clean them, and install edubuntu. Over the next few days I’ve got to put together all the promotional material for the idea, FAQ, website, etc. If this model works it can be followed by other communities. The idea is up and running. It’s going to be a hit!

Visit the Reprise website for more information.