Cell Phones--the 611

Cell phones are a great way to communicate. They’re especially good to help me find my wife in Wal-Mart. She seems to turn into some sort of super-spy and manages to hide while I wander the entire store. Thanks to cel phones I’m able to get a hold of her and she can tell me she’s in the diaper aisle.

There’s news out now of cel phones causing cancer and more recently causing allergic reactions. The iPhone is a hit with those who can afford it and despite the hype no one cel phone provider has done significantly better than any other in national reviews. That’s the news you can read elsewhere.

Here’s something you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Got a problem with your phone? Call 611. Odd are your problem isn’t an allergic reaction, or developing cancer. It’s probably a lack of minutes and a bill become a financial burden–at least ours has that habit sometime.

So dial 611–give them your explanation and ask for something called “bonus minutes.” When I was graduating in May and moving we used up more minutes than we had in 4 months. In response to a phone call AT&T donated 1,000 bonus minutes to ease the burden–man did it help. Verizon gives a standard 250, and T-Mobile has similar standards.

Moving or got a good reason to be killing minutes? Just give them a call and see if they can help. Now this doesn’t apply to my mother who bought her cell phone two years before she turned it on. If mom could transfer her minutes to us (we’re both on AT&T) we’d be set for at least 18 months! 🙂

Mom we love you, and because we’re on the same network we love calling you for free. We’re hoping that dad keeps his iPhone on a little more these days. It’s a bummer to have to cut conversations short because of a land line.