How Glued Are You To Your Perspective?

The greatest leaders in the world are the ones people choose to follow.  It’s not a popularity contest.  Parents, CEOs and small business owners are all leaders.  All of them make a difference.  Often we find ourselves on linkedin or with our noses in a book to find out how we can maximize our efforts in the important roles we play.  

Today’s nugget: don’t be afraid to change your perspective.  

One of the best ways to remember this is from Cumil.  This inanimate statue of an early 20th century worker emerging from a man hole cover forces you to look at the world from his perspective.  When we first spotted Cumil we did what most other tourists do and took the picture you see below.  Not exactly a memorable shot.  So I bent down and looked at it again and took the one you see above.  Perfect!

A change of perspective gives us the opportunity to expose the dusty corners or hidden treasures that we may have otherwise overlooked.