Railing Over Reboots

I guess there’s some controversy about the new Ghostbusters movie to be released this summer. I guess the internet doesn’t like that.  Some internetters our there are having a field day complaining about the main roles being filled by women or some other generally uninteresting comment.  I’d like to offer a sane comment or two about it.

Firstly no reboot is going to make me not like the version I’ve enjoyed for years.

Does the reboot in any way damage the physical DVD, the bit order of the digital file, or actual tape of the VHS from the original?  NOPE.

Ok, so we’re good then.  If someone wants to take a stab at making it according to their creativity let them go ahead and do that.  They might miss.  They might make it great.  Just because I might not see the film doesn’t mean I want them to stop being creative and use their talents.  

Have at it people.  Oh and if your attempt at creativity is nothing more than writing a blog post good on you as well.  Remember though, just because you wrote it doesn’t mean I’m going to automatically read it.  Some of my kids’ artwork never makes it to the fridge.