Fun With Fonts (France Edition)

We often marvel at the technology we have today and talk about it incessantly.  A quick google search reveals more than 2.8 million sites showing rumors of the iPhone 7.  While I’m a huge fan of modern technology, I’m also a huge fan of old technology.  Some of the oldest technology we use today is our lettering and numbering systems.  If you think about these things as a technology that has and still has incremental growth and improvements over time they’re really quite impressive.  We didn’t just go from no letters to letters.  We evolved to the letters we have and it’s been a tremendous evolution.

Recently I got to take a trip back to Western France and visit sites virtually untouched by the war.  This meant instead of seeing the beautifully rebuilt buildings of Germany I was able to see the original structures of a very old city.  Looking at the lettering in the town was a testament to our modern sensibilities and older expressions.  There are samples in the gallery of sevens that look like backwards fives.  Other numbers appear to almost be placed in a cuneiform manner as they were chipped in.  All in all the collection I gathered was a remarkable romp of a snapshot of letters.

It’s nice to know with all of this talk about our modern technology that we’re still using it to explore the older ones as well.  Google Trends for Alphabet and Font do pretty well up against the iPhone7. trends.embed.renderExploreWidget(“TIMESERIES”, {“comparisonItem”:[{“keyword”:”iphone 7″,”geo”:””,”time”:”2011-07-22 2016-08-22″},{“keyword”:”alphabet”,”geo”:””,”time”:”2011-07-22 2016-08-22″},{“keyword”:”font”,”geo”:””,”time”:”2011-07-22 2016-08-22″}],”category”:0,”property”:””}, {});