Recognizing Miracles

The first Saturday of December 2016 my kids and wife went to visit an older couple who had recently returned from serving a mission in Germany where we met them at the beginning of their service.  I was left behind to finish a final exam for a college course.  The interlude between their leaving and this reunion was a challenging one for the couple.  The husband had returned home and had become quite ill.  At his age it is not uncommon for an illness to quickly become life threatening.
    It was a very tenuous time for the family and they shared the news on social media.  Because of their service they had impacted many people’s lives, including ours, and many families, including ours, began including the couple in our prayers.
    The husband recovered though it didn’t happen overnight, it did happen.
    When my family returned I had finished the exam and cleaned up the house in a thinly veiled attempt to woo my wife.  My boys and I had a few brief words as we were getting ready for bed.
    “How did Elder Johnson look” I asked.
    “Fine” he responded.
    “Do you remember when we prayed for him because he was sick?”
    “Well, is he better?”
    “Son, that’s what miracles look like.”
    All too often around the holiday season we see neatly prepackaged miracles that fit into a 90 minute story line and often ignore that some miracles are built upon the most minor things that aren’t so minor from an eternal perspective.  We need to make sure we pace our lives so we can recognize the miracles we see and help create through our prayers.