Moving Beyond APA Style

My graduate program recently switched us from having in-hand books to having online sources. I miss printed books and taking notes in the margins, but I’m glad that the information we’re using is readily accessible from all of my devices.

So I’m trying to work ahead on week one and see the usual note that requires us to do APA citations for our references. I have no problem with referencing and giving credit where it’s due, but since everything that’s assigned to us now for reading isn’t a textbook, why can’t I just use hyperlinks or footnotes with the full URL?

The syntax for citations required by APA is based upon academic traditions that do not apply to this course. It’s designed to facilitate the review of printed text in preparation for publication in an academic journal. Even if I did write something this semester worth submitting to a journal, the price of converting it to APA would be something I do after the base article is written. Even then, I’d be outsourcing most of the brain work to one of the many citation websites out there.

At this point, I view the formatting requirement as having a negative value to the true goal of educating the students on the principles of project management. The two articles I got published last semester didn’t need to be APA format, and PMI doesn’t subscribe to a particular referencing standard. I understand that the university may have a policy for APA for academic reasons, but our program is less academic than most others. The PM program is largely designed around the external requirements set by PMI for accreditation.

So, can I just hyperlink and focus on the content?