Migrating From Squarespace

Squarespace is a great platform for photographers and other creative people.  I’ve had this site hosted on Squarespace for years, but today I decided to pull the trigger on moving the site away from Squarespace.  The choice was made largely out of a desire to reduce the costs and gain more control over the website.You’ll notice here that the site is now hosted by WordPress.  I could have saved quite a bit of money by hosting it myself, but chose not to do this.  Self hosted solutions put all the requirements in my lap to maintain the site and ensure it stays current and secure.  I’m more of a fan of letting someone else do the work of protecting the site in case of an attack, so self-hosting wasn’t what I was looking for.The migration process was smooth.  Squarespace had an export feature.  WordPress had an import feature.  I’ll give credit to both sites for being rather classy.  It’ll take Google a while to populate my links on the new site, but for the most part the work is done.Another neat thing is that WordPress has a single app for android that does what three apps were doing for Squarespace.  They also have an app (although it’s just the website) for Ubuntu.Squarespace still has a home, but for my simple blog I was able to find a home elsewhere.