Happy News

Happy News


If the news you’re watching encourages you to see the what’s wrong in the world instead of all the wonderful things that are going well, then maybe you need a different source of news.I love my feeds!  Today I saw that:

  •  a racoon climbed a 23 story building


  • you can still contribute to the State of DevOps report


  • Prophets are alive and speaking to us with messages of encouragement


  • Endless OS is a thing


  • Some friends of mine had their first kid

Yes, there are things in this world that aren’t going well.  Yes, they need attention to be addressed, but I find that traditional media outlets don’t call attention to things so they can get fixed.  They call attention to things so we’ll pay attention to the source instead of the people and things that are around us and making our lives better.Choose your source of news, and make sure the news it chooses reflects who you want to become.