Rediscovering RSS Feeds

There was a day in the internet when the who experience online felt new and exciting.  In those days one of the ways I used to get the content I wanted was through an RSS feed.  An app or website would go fetch the latest feed from the list I had given it and the newest articles would appear in my reader without me having to visit the websites and work through each of their navigation methods to get at the content they contained.This week I found a blog that’s only posted on Wednesdays and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to remember to put it into my routine to follow it.  What blog you ask?  Well, the Etymology blog at the Oxford University Press (OUP) of course!I was able to find an RSS feed reader and can now subscribe to the blog that inspired this resurgence.  It’s been years since google killed Google Reader.  I wondered if any other sites other than OUP were still using RSS.  It turns out, most of the content I enjoy has an RSS feed reader.  Now I can go on living my life and making the internet work for me.While I am enjoying Vivaldi as my browser, I’ve also become aware of how much of the internet requires a browser.  The browser should be one component of enjoying the world having this marvelously beautiful interconnected system, but it shouldn’t be the total of the experience.As far as apps go, I’m agnostic.  A good RSS feed reader simply needs to let me store the various feeds and be able to read them effectively.  On Linux right now I’m using Akregator.  It’s not a perfect app, but it’s solving a problem and I’m loving the solution.The internet works for me again!