Crafton Cougars Song

Crafton Cougars Song

When I was a kid our school used to have assemblies and we would sing all kinds of patriotic songs.  I imagine this is common across America, or at least was for my generation.

What we didn’t have was a school song.  So, my mom wrote one.  Thankfully the school had the same mascot as her college did.  It’s been at least 30 years, but as of my last inquiry the kids at Crafton Elementary still sing this song.  In this post, I share the lyrics and the story behind them.cougars.png

We are the Crafton Cougars,
We love Crafton School.
We’re the tops, we’re number 1,
Going to Crafton School is fun.
Cougars are loyal students,
We do our very best
We study hard and follow the rules
We’re the Cougars of Crafton School
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Hi there. Nobody asked me to do it. Over a few days the words were just coming into my head, and I’d rattle them around and rearrange them and finally thought it might make a nice school song. When I was in elementary school we’d had one, so it seemed like a reasonable thing. At the elementary level I thought of it more as a school spirit song, than a fight song. The PTA president was in our [congregation] so I ran the idea past her, and she thought it was nice but said she didn’t have any say in something like that. So When I had the words all written down I went and talked to the principal to see if he thought it was an OK idea, and then I got linked up with Mrs Billings to do the music, and we sat at the piano in her room one afternoon so she could create it (I knew how I wanted it to sound, but she firmed up the tune and the notes.) And then we got to teach it to everyone. That was a real fun project.