Scam Calls--and Why I Love Them

I just got another call from a scam number.  This time from Quebec.  It was for an offer for a brace to relieve chronic pain, and the person on the phone promised me it would be 100% covered by my insurance.I politely informed her that my chronic pain was on my left ear lobe and asked if they had a brace that would help with that.She said, no.I thanked her for her energy and enthusiasm and her kind call and wished her a nice day.

One day during a meeting at work one of our technicians was getting a call from a scam number.  I offered to answer it.  It was an offer for insurance.  So I stated that I’ve heard of famous people insure parts of their body (J-Lo does it).  So I pretended to be a toe model who after a very successful year wanted to insure my feet so that way I wouldn’t be so nervous wearing sandals anymore.The conversation lasted longer than you’d think, until eventually the man suggested that I was pulling his toes.  I said, yes.  Then told him I hope’d he ended up with a good story to tell for his next break.

Usually I get someone offering to help reduce my credit card debt.  I pretend they’re from my bank.  When they ask how much debt I have I say things like, “wait a minute, you’re my bank.  It’s highly suspicious of you to ask me when you can look it up yourself.”Usually they hang up.

The master of all scammers is James Veitch who even made a TedTalk about the experience he had with importing some gold.’s your favorite way to reply to a scam?  Leave a comment below.