Your Access

Each generation has made comments about the media available for youth of their day and complained about its appropriateness.  My mom tells stories of the Beatles were chided in their day.  Comic books came under attack as well and the late Stan Lee lead the charge against censorship of that medium.In concert with things that are appreciated by youth there also seems to be a derision by those who don’t take the time to understand the other person’s perspective.  Thus we end up with The Brady Bunch building several episodes around the generation gap, and younger generations getting labeled as the worst ever. seems a bit odd that I have to spend a blog post on this because it should be obvious.  Those comments about kids these days and _______ media aren’t the norm.  In fact their quite opposite.  We have more access today to good content than at any other point in human history and our kids are pretty good at selecting it.They’re not perfect and nor are we.  We all make mistakes as we learn to appreciate the finer things in life like the documentary about the font Helvetica or the etymology blog from the Oxford University Press.Your access to good content has never been greater in all of human history.What are you doing with it?