It's Not You Pay for What You Get

The process of getting out of debt can be frustrating, but it also teaches some amazing lessons. Some of which are completely unexpected. In that phase of things the value of a dollar takes on new meaning. The individual generally becomes more aware of the effort in each hour spent to creating wealth.

The stuff you have looks worn. New stuff (even new used) isn’t the right choice to make and then you look at what you have again and there’s a moment when you notice how the stuff you already have could be used to do more than what you expected.

It’s not about getting what you pay for or paying for what you get. It’s about using what you paid for.

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I paid for XXX. I may have gotten the value I paid for it out of its current use, but I PAID for it! The act of paying for something when you have very little becomes the motivator to do more with it.

I’m not turning the corner on becoming someone who takes random things in the house and turns them into Etsy art pieces, but I am looking at the things I’d like to offload and posting them for sale to give them a second life. I’m also trying to get the most out of what I have.