Someone Needs To Remind Verizon...

Remind is a great application with a wonderful history of connecting educators and their classrooms so that way teachers can remind their students of upcoming assignments and help them focus to be successful. The application grew out of the need of one student and has ballooned into something we’ve enjoyed using for our swim team here in Meridian, ID.

Remind sends text messages to students and in so doing it relies upon cell phone carriers to send those text messages. Verizon has decided that Remind’s messages are spam. This is a bit odd. Sure they might come through a single SMS-prep server (when the app is sending them out to the carrier) but they’re composed by hundreds of thousands of people prior to that point. In Remind’s email to its users they state:

Your Remind messages aren’t spam, but our efforts to resolve the issue with Verizon haven’t been successful.

The team at Remind is pretty good, but obviously they haven’t been able to get the attention of the Verizon folks they need to. This is where a campaign to get Verizon’s attention may be warranted. Feel free to drop a tweet and let them know how the change will impact you.