Remind-Verizon Update

Remind-Verizon Update

So there’s some news. Verizon is now negotiating, but there’s no formal agreement yet. Remind’s staff wants to encourage everyone to continue the campaign with the hashtag #ReverseTheFee and #PutItInWriting.

I’ll let you decide what you want to do about it.. Here’s Remind’s latest email on the subject.

On Monday, we shared that Verizon is planning to impose a fee on Remindthat would make it impossible us to continue supporting text notifications as part of our free service.

Since then, we’ve been overwhelmed and moved by the support from educators, parents, and students across the country. You spoke out about the impact you make with Remind in your classrooms and communities, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed: by our team, by the news, or by Verizon.

Although you may have seen reports that Verizon has promised to reverse the fee, there is currently no agreement in place. We want to make sure that our free service is protected in the long term for everyone who uses it for teaching and learning, and that hasn’t been guaranteed. You can read about the details here:

When Verizon signs a formal agreement with us, we’ll be thrilled to share the news. Until then, please keep making your voice heard by asking Verizon to #ReverseTheFee and #PutItInWriting, both at 1-800-922-0204and on social media.