Health Insurance Tip: Call Your Doctor's Staff

Typically we call our doctor to get the advice and care we need to get better, but as it turns out they’re actually good at something else… Helping you pick your health insurance provider.

This year during the national health care sign up window (I have no idea why this is a thing) my wife and I had the choice of several health care providers. While we were doing our research on which one we would provide the best care my wife had a novel idea. Call the doctor’s and dentist office to ask which one has the best billing practices.

The ladies behind the front counters had strong opinions and were more than happy to share their recommendation. So far, it’s been great! We’ve been able to get the coverage we wanted and haven’t had to deal with too much hassle via billing issues after any particular treatment.

If you’re the sort of person that likes having to fix issues from companies whose service you’re paying for then this suggestion might not be for you. If you’re not, then give it a try. Shouldn’t how you much time you spend fixing billing errors be a consideration?

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