Dear Ireland

I have a reader in Ireland! How do I know? Very few people read this blog. And, while I am casually trying to increase readership, I’m very grateful for the size of the audience who reads my posts. They’re pretty forgiving. My proofreading isn’t always the best and there’s few consistencies in what I post.

Typical Blog stats with an abnormally popular day

With the small blog audience there can be a sense of intimacy. I’ve had many of the handful of readers let me know which posts they like either via an in-person chat or a phone call. I was quite surprised when one of my coworkers approached me about a post she liked. While I do connect most posts to LinkedIn, I didn’t realize that there was anyone at work who was looking.

Someone in Ireland is looking and it just warms my day when they do! We went there once on a family vacation. It was one of those vacations to escape from a crushing weight at work and being that far away in someplace green and beautiful was quite important for my mental health. We stayed at a lovely AirBnB farmhouse that was absolutely ideal for our family. A horse on the property needed to get exercised, so my youngest daughter got to ride the horse while it did laps.

The farm specialized in birthing milk cows and the milk ended up in the Kerry Gold dairy products line–which we love! There was also a litter of cats born while we were there and my kids got to name them.

We have great memories from that trip.

I’d like to think that the family who opened up their (spare) house cared enough about our family to stay in touch by reading my blog. They were sweet, kind, and we instantly hit it off. I’d like to think that it’s them, but it doesn’t have to be.

Regular readers will note that the url for the blog recently changed from to As an early adopter of the internet I’ve always been fascinated by the connectivity it offers. Even if it’s not the family in Ireland that helped us have one of the best family vacations ever, knowing someone is there reading helps me remember how powerful the tools we have are.

While I may not be as good at proofreading as some readers might prefer, I’m good enough that a few people in the world have noticed and that’s a few more than I could have ever engaged with 30 years ago.