Think of the Designer

I like to notice things I take for granted. Knowing which bathroom to use is usually a pretty easy task enabled by nearly universal signage. My most recent stint of having to repeatedly use public toilets was at Disney World, a place known for its designs and clever art work. But while I was headed to the loo one day I got thinking about the designers of the bathroom signs at Disney World. What was the designer thinking?

  • Was this just a rush job?
  • Did he consider his/her final product art?
  • Was this just for a paycheck?
  • Was this something he wrote home about?
  • What does he think of when he has to use a lavatory?
  • Did he get the assignment because he got in trouble?

This last thought has me intrigued. I imagine that if you draw an inappropriate cartoon they reassign you to lavatory design in whatever park you’re associated with.

There is the odd chance that there’s some designer who’s an expert at lavatory sign design in Disney World, loves his job and gets called in by senior brass for special consults.

Steve, we’re investing millions into this Star Wars immersion thing and we don’t know how to design the lavatory signs. Name your price. Help us, you’re our only hope….

Like I said. It’s unlikely.