Fonts On TV

Like it or not fonts are a part of your life.  So it shouldn’t be surprising when they end up as part of your television shows.  

Yesterday I watched the Valentine’s themed episode of “Splitting Up Together” where one of the characters asks if someone could write in Helvetica because “it’s the only font that she’ll read.”

It was a great line in the show, but if you weren’t familiar with fonts it might have just sounded like the character was being eccentric.  Those who regularly read this blog know that Helvetica isn’t just a font for eccentrics, it’s THE font that changed modern design.  So the joke actually works on two levels (clever writers!).

One of the more recent TV Shows we’d watch as a family built and entire character to be more than just a bit quirky.   The show is THE MIDDLE and the character was named Brick Heck.

And what was one of his big quirks?  He loved fonts.  Yes one of the most popular shows on television and one of the most popular sitcom families of the decade had a character who’s espousal for fonts was not only slightly noticed, but a significant part of his character.

The clips are hilarious even if you’re not a font person, but since it’s likely you are this will be even more funny for you.

What favorite font conversations have you noticed on television?