If Disney can't get the app right, they're not going to be ready to take on Netflix

It’s no secret that Disney plans on using is vast library of content to take on Netflix at some point in the future. CNET’s write up of the effort as “CEO Bob Iger calling the streaming service the company’s “biggest priority” for 2019, the company is ending its streaming deal with Netflix so it can launch its own service as the exclusive streaming home for Disney movies, TV shows and other original programming.”

What CNET didn’t talk about is something I’d like to cover.

The current Disney Now app is clearly designed for kids, has a quirky splash screen and doesn’t allow offline viewing. It literally reminds me of flash enabled websites from the 2005-2008 era.

IF this is really the company’s highest priority, then why not test the app for your future service with the audience that’s currently consuming shows using the app? An early adopter audience might help this go forward with a bit more class.

Besides, kids aren’t the only ones who tuned in to watch Star Wars Rebels.