Full Keyboard Messaging Apps

Full Keyboard Messaging Apps

I use a lot of messaging apps.

While that might overwhelm some people to me I find it helpful to have my different networks of people on different networks. There’s a tech community I chat with using Telegram. Signal is used between me and some of my family members. WhatsApp is in the mix as well. Facebook messenger only gets a little love, but has the ability to connect with a large audience. MS Teams is my preferred chat mechanism at work and Skype for Business is the worst chat app in my inventory.

My appreciation for the messaging app isn’t just based upon its ability to successfully deliver the intended message, it’s also based upon how to create that message. I find phone keyboards much better than they were when we first started, but they’re still pretty small and not my favorite experience.

So, for a messaging application to really get to the point where I advocate using with others it needs to allow me to type from my computers. And when I say computers, I mean Mac/Windows/Linux.

If you haven’t tried the desktop versions of your favorite chat applications, you might want to give them a run.