Don's Ducks

Don's Ducks

I grew up reading comics, but not the typical comics you see idolized in shows like the Big Bang Theory. For me I couldn’t care less about who Superman was fighting, or what the Joker was doing to Batman. I read Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck and loved them.

There’s a real playfulness to the stories and a sense of adventure. The antagonist is always a riddle to solve, not a person to beat up.

There are many great artists that have been licensed to created these comics over the years. Carl Barks did the work in the 1950’s that made the books an international success, and in my generation it was Don Rosa.

I prefer Rosas’ drawings and his stories over all the others and one of the things I love about the era we live in is that I can purchase full books of his works for the Kindle and read them on all of my devices.

What comics did you grow up with? Is there a ready-to-download collection for you to revisit some of your childhood memories?