Invitations to happiness

Invitations to happiness

I have an aunt who is terrible with directions. Each holiday where she attends I end up on the phone with her and guide her in to the destination as if I were air traffic control helping an airplane land.

On one trip I thought I’d set her up with Google Maps, and so we spent some time connecting it via Bluetooth to her car and showing her how it worked. It may have worked for that trip, but it didn’t work long after. She didn’t use it again.

Remembering to have her audio system connected to her phone meant she couldn’t hear the directions. She wasn’t tuned in.

On this most recent trip we changed one setting. One setting! We adjusted Google Maps to not use the Bluetooth audio, but instead broadcast instructions directly from her phone.

It worked. She’s loving it!

We often see someone telling us a path to walk down as someone telling us what to do. But, what if we didn’t? What if we saw that as simply directions?

Directions can be liberating. My aunt now feels she has the freedom to go anywhere because she knows how to get directions to anywhere she wants to go.

The commandments are our directions. When we follow them they liberate us from the feelings in life that are so uncomfortable, guilt, remorse, anxiety, fear. All the things we feel when we have someplace else to be and choose a wrong path.

The commandments aren’t restrictions. They’re our invitation to happiness.