Change vs Innovation

I’m often surprised how English assigns ownership to people instead of objects and things.  For example in German when someone is hot (temperature) they would say that they have heat.  If they were cold the phrase would literally translate to the person having cold.

In Spanish if you dropped your phone you wouldn’t saythat you dropped your phone.  You wouldsay that your phone dropped.

Since our mental narrative is in our native languagethose who speak English might be more culturally programmed to see how theiractions impact the world around them.

Within English we do have a diversity of words and theirmeanings.  For example, the word changeimplies a difference between one state and another with the same objects/actorsinvolved.  Innovation on the other handimplies that there needs to be a conscious choice made as to the type of changethat occurs.

So, with that difference it’s worth asking, do youinnovate, or do you change?  Do yourteams innovate, or do they change?