In less than 15 minutes I have another meeting for work. My youngest juts asked me why I have a meeting on Sunday? The answer is pretty easy to understand. My project has team members in Seoul (S. Korea) and Hyderabad (India). Sunday afternoon is their Monday morning.

To conduct the meetings we use one of several apps that allow teams to communicate across the globe in real time, with video, and chat features.

I grew up in an era with rotary phones and long-distance charges.

I remember when we had a touch tone phone and one of my brothers accidentally called Japan. There as no forgiveness of the charges. The call was going to added to the bill and there was nothing we could do about it.

What we do on the calls is important, but sometimes I’m distracted from the work we have to do and I’m just fascinated that we can have the conversations.

Beethoven’s 9th was about uniting the world. Today we’re living as part of that when we use the technology we have to communicate around the globe.

I’m fascinated by the fact that we are communicating. What I’m doing was part of science fiction only a few years ago. Remember when we thought iPods were cool?

When we communicate we’re sharing information about cultures, shared understanding, and working towards a common goal.

While what we’re doing is really important, some days I find how we do it to be the most fascinating.