April Fools & Public Shaming

Calendars aren’t exactly easy change. The story of April Fools is probably the story of the last successful major calendar change in history. It seems that the only way to pull it off was to make fun of those who didn’t choose to adopt it right away. Public shaming as a motivator… It worked out well for Jaywalking in the early 20th century, and we still do it for folks who don’t recycle (despite the fact that not recycling can be better for the environment in some areas).

One would think we’ve gotten better about not using public shaming, but I’ll let you look around and see we really haven’t improved as a society.

I would love to write an article here about the changes I’d prefer to see in the world, but because it’s April 1st it wont get taken seriously. So, here’a comics.

Also, Google has snake available on google maps.