How to Move a Mountain

How to Move a Mountain by Cherie Call

I love messages that encourage us to change our perspective. This is a great one. It talks about how in order to move a mountain one need merely climb it. The hike isn’t always easy, but it works. When you start hiking up a mountain it’s in front of you. By the time you get to the top the mountain is beneath you.

Sure, you could say that you moved over the mountain, but when you describe where it is, you’ll have to say it’s underneath you.

A mountain that’s underneath you is in a much different spot than a mountain that’s in front of you.


For some reason Cherie Call’s songs aren’t on my streaming app ;-( but I hope they’re on yours. I think the way her licensing works out, it’s only available on iTunes. So here’s the link to buy this lovely song. Hopefully who ever is managing the royalties will work to allow her music to be released on other platforms and generate more royalties for this lovely artist.