Like your post

I’m trying to get good at this blogging thing. It’s a neat workflow, and I enjoy looking at the stats and seeing what’s popular and what’s not. The blog is small. Few people read it. When few people read it, fewer people like the posts.

So, each day after I publish a post, I like it.

My wife noticed this habit some time ago and asked me what I was doing. Her tone implied that it was cheating to like one’s own post. I did it anyway, but I didn’t have a good comment for her inquiry. Now I do.

Of course, I like my posts. If I didn’t like my posts how could I expect anyone else to? What sort of an example would I be setting?

So, the next time you come here, don’t start reading from the top. Scroll down to the like section. If I didn’t like the post, it’s probably not worth reading. That’s unlikely to happen because I tend to like everything I publish here.

The next time you post a video on YouTube or a post on social media let people know it’s good enough to like and hit the button first!

Oh, and while you’re here, feel free to join me and hit the like button.