Conspiracy Theories

The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire has captured the attention of people around the world. At the time of writing this there are lots of eyes on the situation looking for answers and the researched answers haven’t yet emerged because the research is still ongoing. In the gap people naturally speculate. Some of this speculation is presented as fact or near-fact. Thus we have conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories fill a void in our need for context.

You can learn a lot from the spoon on mars.

Humans are so engineered to see patterns, prone to want context and understanding that we often times find ourselves believing things that have significant gaps in logic.

Whenever you run across a conspiracy theory, ask yourself what human need does this story address?

Some of them are actually pretty clever ways of addressing a desire to find an enemy or scapegoat. After all when something bad happens we assume there’s a bad guy.

As time moves on and the theories can be vetted they’re likely to be seen for what they are. Be patient. Answers don’t always come right away. Once they do. Draw a comic.

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